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Would you go naked for your wedding?

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Naked wedding cake

Naked wedding cakes – ie: cakes without icing on the outside so the sponge is exposed- are becoming more popular for weddings.  They are a more relaxed style of cake, popular with couples looking for an alternative to the traditional wedding cake, adding a pretty and rustic style to a wedding.


They are also a considerably cheaper alternative to an iced cake as they are simpler and less time consuming to make.

naked cakes

Here are a few points to consider if you would like a naked cake for your wedding.

  • Firstly, take into consideration your wedding venue and overall theme of the wedding – will this informal style of cake fit in?
  • Because they don’t have an icing coat to protect them, naked cakes may stale very quickly as they are exposed to the air. We bake them on the morning of the wedding so they are as fresh as possible and the sponges are brushed with syrup to add extra moisture to the sponge.
  • You can choose different flavour sponges and fillings for each tier, just take into consideration the colour of the baked sponges as they will be visible.
  • Naked cakes need to be assembled on the day at the venue. They do not travel well stacked, as the sponges are very delicate.
  • They are usually filled with a buttercream icing and this can sit out in the reception room for a few hours. Fresh cream may be used but needs to be transported in a cooler and put straight into a fridge at the venue. The cake will have to be taken out immediately before the cutting of the cake and served straight away, as the cream will spoil quickly.
  • Naked cakes are decorated with fresh berries and some edible flowers, such as roses, but some couples prefer to use sugar paste flowers which can be coloured to match the wedding theme.

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Roundwood House, Mountrath, Co Laois

  • For a slightly more ‘modest’ version of the naked cake you can go for a semi-naked cake – this has a light covering of icing on the outside.